Recently, the wiki's article count had a rapid growth. Because of this, some of the categories where numbers of the same size group is located has grown quite large. In this blog post, I propose to divide these categories, an idea that has been discussed in the (possibly unofficial) Googology Wiki Discord server.

The categories we want to divide are the follows:

  • Category:Up-arrow notation level (1,376 pages as of this writing)
    First divide the pentation level and hexational level numbers to their own categories. We can divide the rest if it's not enough.
  • Category:Tetrational array notation level (578 pages as of this writing)
    Currently smaller than the above category, but will grow as articles for E^ numbers are created. A similar approach might be needed: divide the superdimensional array notation level numbers (\(\omega^{\omega^\omega}\) ~ \(\omega^{\omega^{\omega^\omega}}\)) to their own category, and divide the rest if not enough.
  • Category:Higher array notation level (840 pages as of this writing)
    Now this is a tough one. BEAF above tetrational arrays has always been controversial about their well-definedness. Therefore, I suggest dividing it to ordinal-based categories. Here's how I think this category should be divided:
    • Category:Epsilon level (\(\varepsilon_0\) ~ \(\zeta_0\))
    • Category:Binary-phi level (\(\zeta_0\) ~ \(\Gamma_0\))
    • Category:Finite-length phi level (\(\Gamma_0\) ~ SVO)
    • Category:Higher computable numbers (SVO and above) (There hasn't been many googolisms beyond SVO so far)
    In fact, let's merge Category:Legiattic Array Notation Level and Category:Beyond Legiattic Array Notation Level into Category:Higher computable numbers, because the well-definedness of legiattic arrays and beyond is even more controversial.

What do you think?