aka 이상한구름이의 이상한 이상형

  • I live in an alternate universe, practicing timey-wimey powers
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is Being an avid Aradia Megido fan and an alternative account of Cloudy176
  • I am Female, isn't it obvious? Wait, I'm actually male. Paradoxes are everywhere.
  • CloudyGirl671

    Many of you believe that I am the second account of Cloudy176. This is not true, as the person behind the account is my semi-identical non-temporal-duplicate twin brother.

    Also at least I'm not stupid like he is, for example he doesn't know that everything is made out of paradoxes. In addition, my account is intended to be used primarily for joking, while his is intended to be used for serious purposes (and also joking).

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