It's annoyed me a little that "well-defined" is used to mean something better worded as "unambiguous". That's because in my idea, well-defined has to do with the definition of something in googology, not the ambiguity. Therefore I propose a distinction between well-defined and ambiguous.

For example let's take BEAF.

BEAF linear arrays are definitely well-defined with an official definition and everything.

Dimensional arrays are debatably well-defined because their defintion is kind of wordy and debatable whether it's really well-defined.

Tetrational arrays are ill-defined since Bowers does not give a definition, but they are still unambiguous since the exampeles make them clear.

Array-of operator up until the SVO is definitely ill-defined, and moderately ambiguous because there aren't too many gaps that can't be unambiguously filled with intuition.

Array-of past SVO and legions before && operator is highly ambiguous since much guess-work must be done, and that creates very many ambiguities.

Legions after && operator is extremely ambiguous because it isn't even a little sure what certain things mean, e.g. the L's other than the first in {L,L,L,L}.

Thoughts on that?

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