We should revamp the extended SI prefix articles.

To me, it's arbitrary that the articles are titled with Blowers' prefixes, or Aarex's if Blowers doesn't list one.

So we should renamee the articles to "SI prefix 10^x" and write them as follows:

SI prefix 10^27 is named:

Nina- by Jim Blowers

Xona- in Blowers' old system

Novetta- by Robert Munafo

Xenna- by Sbiis Saibian

Xova- by Andre Joyce

Xota- by Aarex Tiaokhiao

Bronta- by WikiRigbyDude

Umpty- in Sandcastle Builder

Bronto- by Lawrence Hollom (his prefixes are here )

Harpi- by Morgan Burke


There should be articles for:

SI prefix 10^27, SI prefix 10^30......up to SI prefix 10^63, and then SI prefix 10^90, 10^120, 10^150, etc. up to 10^300, then SI prefix 10^600, 10^900, 10^1200, 10^1500, etc. up to 10^3000, and no articles after that.

And while we're at it, we should remove "The prefix [Blowers or Aarex prefix] multiplies by one x-illion" from the articles for the -illions octillion and higher.

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