As you can probably tell, I am greatly one for pointless things. This blog is a pointless question:

How many Wikia accounts do you have?

I have three accounts.

My first one is Gregheffley, which I made in July 2010 at age 11. I think I created it to help make a Diary of a Wimpy Kid wiki (for about 9 months I was obsessed with the book series), but I never got into improving it. (the wiki is, and for some reason it still exists)

My second one is WikiRigby, which I made in July 2011 for Uncyclopedia briefly. I didn't really get into it though.

My third one is WikiRigbyDude, which I made in July 2011 for Regular Show Wiki. I only made it WikiRigbyDude because WikiRigby was taken (at the time I forgot why it was). Otherwise, I would be known here as WikiRigbyDude. I have since then used it for a few other wikis and this one.

I would've abandoned WikiRigbydude and made a new acount for this wiki, probably Cookie Fonster, since that's the name I usually go by on the Internet now (since mid-2012), but I chose to keep using this account for the sake of having an account on Wikia since 2011.

(anyone else have multiple accounts?)