In my idea, googology has not two, not three, but nine sides. People can be part of any number of sides of googology. They are:

  1. Analytical googologists - often considered the main point of googology: analyzing and formalizing googological systems (example)
  2. Notational googolosists - another big point of googology: creating googological notations for large numbers (example)
  3. Naming googologists - googologists who create systematic naming systems for numbers, with their own or others' notations (example)
  4. Descriptive googologists - googologists who describe other googological concepts in a way laymen can understand (example)
  5. Numerical googologists - googologists interested in documenting properties of numbers are often but not always googologically large (example)
  6. Syntactic googologists - googologists who make naming systems using wordplay and linguistic extrapolation (example)
  7. Intersecting googologists - googologists who encounter googologically large numbers when working in more serious mathematics (example)
  8. Salad googologists - you know what they do (example)
  9. Aarex googologists - googologists who have horrible grammar, and attempt all sides of googology with work that is sometimes kinda decent, but is usually in some way sloppy, incoherent, or just flat out wrong (example)

My question: Which sides of googology are you part of?

For me, it's probably sides 4 and 5, sometimes 2 and 3.

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