When I first stumbled upon this wiki, my impression was that it's all about serious professionally defined stuff made with sophisticated functional systems, all devised by mathematicians with some degree of notability. There were all the classic large numbers, a cool array of fascinating crazy numbers developed by Jonathan Bowers, and all the other stuff. I saw Aarex's name pop up a lot, and when I read that he was a "young googologist", I thought it meant he was in his 20s or something, not a fricking 13-year-old kid.

But lots of other people, when they stumble on this wiki, don't see it as a seriously maintained wiki about math stuff, rather something more like a fanon wiki where they can dump all sorts of unoriginal and sloppy googologisms. Why is that? It would make sense to see a wiki with lots of crazy complicated math as a wiki on stuff devised by people with a recognizable degree of merit in mathematics, but so many people see it otherwise.

I devised a lot of unoriginal large numbers during my early days of googology, like a notation with the same premise as the infamous Graham Array Notation, or a Greek -illion system that was only subtly different from Rowlett's system and which is so much like other -illion systems wiki users devised. But I never even thought of giving my stuff wiki articles, because I did not by any means see myself as a person with qualifications resembling the apparent qualifications of the people whose work is given articles on the wiki. Let alone publishing a wiki article about myself; that would just be self-indulgent. It was only after I had my eyes opened to some decently good large number systems wiki users created I gave thought to publishing my work on wiki articles, and even then I didn't follow through with much of that.

But look at the stuff people have did in recent days. Like Graham Array Notation! A user dumped his thrown-together notation on a Weebly site or something and then gave it a wiki article. This isn't my idea of what should be on an at least semi-serious math wiki.

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