What are your thoughts on my googology website? ( , if you didn't know)

I'd like your opinions, thoughts, concerns, and ideas on what I should add.

I'm currently planning on finishing the googo- and googolple- 3-part article, and maybe other....stuff, and continue my PGLN (Pointless Gigantic List of Numbers)

Also, here's what you'll expect in my number list:

  1. Most of the "regular" googologisms (e.g. gongulus)
  2. Less "regular" googologisms that are still worth pointing out (e.g. coogol, Joycian decaltrix)
  3. Numbers of my own to fill gaps in existing systems (e.g. E100#{#+1}#100 = godsgodgulhenus, {10,100,1,2} & 10 = gonguldeus, {10,100//2} = double whopper)
  4. Miscellaneous numbers of my own (e.g. Joycian Hectatri (g(3,3,3......3) with 100 3's), SpongeBob's Number, the Knee-Jerk Number (Rayo's number + 1))
  5. Numbers to make points or interesting remarks (e.g. Graham's number*googolplex, you'll see why)
  6. Occasional salad numbers, just for fun (e.g. croutonillion, or Aarex's meameamealokkapoowa salad numbers like meameameaphase)
  7. And more (maybe)
  8. Also, I'll have some joke numbers right before infinity, like Sam's number