The 1, 2, 3, 4 game

This game is similar to the four fours game, but we're using numbers from 1 to 4 instead. The rules are almost the same as four fours game, but this includes also fgh, double knuth arrow, beaf, hyper-E aswell, and exponetial factorials. if using fgh, you must use the given numbers. The most important rule is that numbers 1 to 4 must be in ascending order.

Allowed mathematical notation: Normal mathematic (+, -, x, /, (), !) More factorials (x!!, X!!!,...) Subfactorial (!x) Roots and Exponents (√, ^) (n-th roots is not allowed, only squareroots) Γ(x) beaf {x, y, z} or {a, b, c, d} hyper-E (Ex or Ex#y ...) ↑ or more arrows ƒgh (this is optional. you can have 1 as subscript and 2 as superscript, or you may have 2 as sub. and 1 as super.)

I challenge you do make number from zero. then if you succeed, just move to next number. I will also give you a side challange to do those first ten number fractions, ONLY. Also no pluss or minus before or after the fraction. AND remember those numbers must be in ascending order.

GOAL: react 100

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