Sumgogopyr is defined as the summation of the n-th n-gonal pyramidal numbers with n from 3 to googol, the term was coined by Daniel Corrêa.

Sumgogopyr is computed as described below:

\(Sumgogopyr = \sum^{googol}_{n=3} \frac{3 \cdot n^{2} + n^{3} \cdot (n-2) - n \cdot (n-5)}{6}\)

In its decimal form, sumgogopyr has 499 digits as described: 3 as the first 299 digits followed by the digit 8 followed by a sequence of 99 3's followed by the digit 7 followed by a sequence of 98 9's, and 6 as the last digit.

The full decimal form of sumgogopyr is expressed below:


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