Sumselfgogopyr is defined as the summation of the n-th n-gonal pyramidal numbers with n from 3 to gogopyr, the term was coined by Daniel Corrêa.

Sumselfgogopyr is computed as described below:

\(Sumselfgogopyr  = \sum^{gogopyr}_{n=3} \frac{3 \cdot n^{2} + n^{3} \cdot (n-2) - n \cdot (n-5)}{6}\)

Sumselfgogopyr has 1995 digits, and according to the calculations using BCalc to convert gogopyr to power of 10 notation, and using WolframAlphato perform the calculation with the maximum input length, the approximated form of sumselfgogopyr is:

\(Sumselfgogopyr \approx 4.28669410150... \times 10^{1994}\)

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