Thickafourtwelvearialearth is equal to \(10^{2134524089369833840415}-1\)

This is the first number coined by Brazilian amateur googologist Daniel Corrêa

It is a Class 3 googologism, and its decimal expression is:

99...999 with 2134524089369833840415 "9's"

Creation process

The creation process of Thickafourtwelvearialearth has a "physical meaning":

  1. Write a complete line of 9's in a Bond A4 Copy Paper 75gsm using Regular Arial 12 as font;
  2. Measure the length (3.15 mm) and width (1.9 mm) of number nine, and the space between two nines in sequence (0.42 mm);
  3. Measure the thickness of the paper (0.103 mm);
  4. Imagine the Earth as a perfect smooth sphere with radius equal to 6371008771.415 mm, value of the mean radius as defined by the IUGG using the radius of the WGS-84 ellipsoid;
  5. Imagine you cover the whole surface of the Earth with a flat spherical spiral in vertical position, this spherical spiral made of a paper strip with 9's written on it as described in (1.);
  6. From (2.) and (3.) you can conclude that the paper strip is 3.15 mm length and 0.103 mm thickness;
  7. When doing some calculations, you will find that the total width (W) of the flat spherical spiral made of a paper strip as described above is: 4952095887338014509763.439 mm;
  8. Knowing the width of the strip, find the number of digits (n) written on it using n = (W+0.42)/2.32, that is: 2134524089369833840415.456.


Using Jonathan Bower's -illions seriesThickafourtwelvearialearth can be named as shown below:

Illion name for Thickafourtwelvearialearth.
Ninety-nine undeciseptingentiatto-octoquingentifemto-novemvigintipico-novemoctogintiseptingentinano-quattuorquadragintinongentimicro-tredecisescentimilli-unseptuagintiquadringentillion
Nine hundred ninety-nine undeciseptingentiatto-octoquingentifemto-novemvigintipico-novemoctogintiseptingentinano-quattuorquadragintinongentimicro-tredecisescentimilli-septuagintiquadringentillion
... ... ...
More 711508029789944613463 groups of illion names, each one preceded by nine hundred ninety-nine
Nine hundred ninety-nine quadrillion
Nine hundred ninety-nine trillion
Nine hundred ninety-nine billion
Nine hundred ninety-nine million
Nine hundred ninety-nine thousand
Nine hundred ninety-nine

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