Thickafourtwelvearialsun is equal to \(10^{25499243506665689371818146}-1\).

Thickafourtwelvearialsun is much larger than ThickafourtwelvearialearthThis is the second number coined by Brazilian amateur googologist Daniel Corrêa

It is a Class 3 googologism and its decimal expression is:

99...999 with 25499243506665689371818146 "9's"

Creation process

The creation process of Thickafourtwelvearialsun has a "physical meaning":

  1. Write a complete line of "9's" in a Bond A4 Copy Paper 75gsm using Regular Arial 12 as font;
  2. Measure the length (3.15 mm) and width (1.9 mm) of number nine, and the space between two nines in sequence (0.42 mm);
  3. Measure the thickness of the paper (0.103 mm);
  4. Imagine the Sun as a perfect smooth sphere with radius equal to 696339964360.22 mm, value of the mean radius calculated as defined by the IUGG using the radius of the Sun equal to 696342 km with oblateness of 0.00000877 ;
  5. Imagine you cover the whole surface of the Sun with a flat spherical spiral in vertical position, this spherical spiral made of a paper strip with "9's" written on it as described in (1.);
  6. From (2.) and (3.), you can conclude that the paper strip is 3.15 mm length and 0.103 mm thickness;
  7. Doing some calculations, you find that the total width (W) of the flat spherical spiral made of a paper strip as described above is: 59158244935464399342618098.457 mm;
  8. Knowing the width of the strip, find the number of digits (n) written on it using n = (W+0.42)/2.32, that is: 25499243506665689371818146.068.


Using Jonathan Bower's -illions seriesThickafourtwelvearialsun can be named as shown below:

Illion name for Thickafourtwelvearialsun.
Ninety-nine octoyocto-novemnonagintiquadringentizepto-septenquadragintiseptingentiatto-quintrigintioctingentifemto-quinquinquagintiquingentipico-novemvigintiducentinano-nonagintiseptingentimicro-sexsescentimilli-octoquadragintillion
Nine hundred ninety-nine octoyocto-novemnonagintiquadringentizepto-septenquadragintiseptingentiatto-quintrigintioctingentifemto-quinquinquagintiquingentipico-novemvigintiducentinano-nonagintiseptingentimicro-sexsescentimilli-septenquadragintillion
... ...
More 8499747835555229790606041 groups of illion names, each one preceded by nine hundred ninety-nine
Nine hundred ninety-nine trillion
Nine hundred ninety-nine billion
Nine hundred ninety-nine million
Nine hundred ninety-nine thousand
Nine hundred ninety-nine

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