Dear Googology contributors,

as some of you know I have written six papers on Eretrandre dot org regarding the mulanept problem, how to represent compositions of hyperoperations ( the third realm )

the general answer to this problem requires use of coloured squares and 19 animations using colour square diagrams. Many professional mathematicians have all of these animations.

The related area are the patterns of Globular Digisubi Patterns ( the second realm )

This is a colourful idea but not very practical from the usual math problem solving

however, providing the colours are chosen so they are all distinguishable and there is a colour and symbol well defined mapping it is possible to follow the logic of the animations or individual pictures of the patterns in the second and third realms.

My current interest is CSR ( colour square or rectangle ) math art

Many ideas use this technique as in some of the Wolfram demonstrations projects

I am interested in communicating with anyone interested in my Blog Project with other ideas

the website for this is hypernopt dot BlogSpot dot co dot nz

regards to the Googology team for producing a high quality Wiki best wishes from Dolti Smith

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