Due to hyperfactorial notation reaching \omega^\omega, I feel that I can now coin some names for numbers made by the notation. I have decided to break the tradition of using 10's and 100's like the googol family, and use 200 instead. The basic number I have called a faxul (doesn't really stand for anything, similar to googol), and it is equal to 200!. Then I have made more numbers by adding a prefix and using my notation:

  • Kilofaxul = 200!^x_2
  • Megafaxul = 200!^x_3
  • Gigafaxul = 200!^x_4
  • Terafaxul = 200!^x_5
  • Petafaxul = 200!^x_6
  • Exafaxul = 200!^x_7
  • Zettafaxul = 200!^x_8
  • Yottafaxul = 200!^x_9
  • Brontofaxul = 200!^x_{10}
  • Geopofaxul = 200!^x_{11}

The x is decided by looking at the main prefix: a mineral, and generally the more valuable, the higher the value of the number:

  • No prefix: x = 2
  • Quartz: x = 3
  • Iron: x = 4
  • Turquoise: x = 5
  • Silver: x = 6
  • Emerald: x = 7
  • Ruby: x = 8
  • Sapphire: x = 9
  • Gold: x = 10
  • Platinum: x = 11
  • Diamond: x = 12

This gives 10 x 11 + 1 = 111 possible names (adding mineral prefixes to standard faxul has no effect).

I am currently working on an expansion to my notation to take it up some more in the FGH. I am also making a website and I am going to put all of this stuff on there, along with any new updates and expansions to my notation.

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