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    System Tau Notes

    November 3, 2017 by Emlightened

    I'm really really sorry, but this is incomplete. I have been making a text document (up to 42kb rn) trying to formalise and explain a Googological System, but it was never finished. I've not edited it in two months, and thought it was a better idea to let it die here than on my hard drive.

    Still, I'm pretty sure there are some interesting and salvageable ideas here. Since writing it, I've learned a lot of type theory (in particular, I think I have a decent understanding of inductive-recursive types), so if I come back here at some point, I should be able to clean up the presentation and present what I have in an inductive, not recursive, manner. (I'd probably also switch from math notation to computing notation, too. Easier to work with in …

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    Terms are identified up to equivalence ≡. A model is consistent iff KSK is false.

    • Sabc ≡ ac(bc)
    • Kab ≡ a
    • If ac ≡ bc, c is a free variable and c does not occur in a or b, a ≡ b

    The extensions additionally include some of the following terms. It is not guaranteed that all extensions or combinations of extensions are consistent.

    • Qab ≡ K if a≡b and Qab ≡ SK otherwise
    • Eab ≡ K if there is some c such that ac ≡ b, and Eab ≡ SK otherwise
    • Cab ≡ Kc for some c such that ac ≡ b (if it exists), and Cab ≡ SKK otherwise
    • Mabc ≡ K if there is some d such that bd ≡ c and ad ≡ K, and Mabc ≡ SK otherwise
    • Nabc ≡ Kd for some d such that bd ≡ c and ad ≡ K, and Nabc ≡ SKK otherwise

    First off, K and SK represent the truth values true and false, respectively. Given this, it is somewhat clear what each of…

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    Literally. As of writing, there are 10,787 pages on this wikia, and 11,084 articles in the numbers category.

    I'm mainly using this as an excuse to pick up the discussion which was dropped about a month ago from the comments here. Please have a quick read of them if you haven't yet.

    I believe the two popular ideas were to:

    • A) Consolidate similar-sized numbers from the same notation into one article each, possibly with a section on each number
    • B) Create a splinter site or forum, probably non-wikia based.

    I want to get this discussion going again. Both ideas appeal to me and honestly, I want to see us getting together and doing something towards these possible goals. It's better than deciding stuff should happen but not following through, so hopef…

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  • Emlightened


    \(B_0(\alpha,\beta) = \beta \cup \{0,1,\omega,\Omega,\Omega^+\}\)

    \(B_{n+1}(\alpha,\beta) = \{\gamma

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  • Emlightened

    The -ish is because I've never seen something like this presented, except for some type theories, which are much less useful.


    Primitive recursion is a simple method for creating total recursive functions. We can formalise it in such a way that (almost) any sufficiently slow-growing (sub \(\omega\) on the FGH) googological function can be encoded, and hence offers a way of proving that it is recursive and total.

    This can even be represented in a way that is easily understandable: zero, successor, projection and composition can be paid no heed when showing a function is PR, and only the recursion step needs to be stated explicitly - and even this can be represented in a simpler manner.

    Similarly, a simple extension of primitive recursion…

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