• Flavio61

    Louis Epstein number list

    January 14, 2016 by Flavio61

    Can someone take a look to Louis Epstein number list and provide some comment about size of his numbers and eventually comparison with other googologysm? Thanks Flavio

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  • Flavio61

    Valid espression?

    September 11, 2013 by Flavio61

    (((((((((…….Exposfacto(zootzootplex)![exposfacto(zootzootplex)]$) Exposfacto(zootzootplex)![exposfacto(zootzootplex)]$)………… Exposfacto(zootzootplex)![exposfacto(zootzootplex)]$)………… Exposfacto(zootzootplex)![exposfacto(zootzootplex)]$)………… Exposfacto(zootzootplex)![exposfacto(zootzootplex)]$))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))$ With Exposfacto(zootzootplex)![exposfacto(zootzootplex)]$) times Exposfacto(zootzootplex)![exposfacto(zootzootplex)]$) all superfactorialized at the end of process.someone Could help me and tell if it works? Thks flavio61

    Can i add a ! At the end of each (([exposfacto(zootzootple)!exposfacto(zootzootplex)!]$)  ?

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  • Flavio61


    August 6, 2013 by Flavio61

    Need some clarifications regarding step 142,if i repeat step from 1 to 142 and step 142 says repeat meameamealokkapoowa ompa Times si this a neverending process?thks for helps flavio

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