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  • Fluoroantimonic Acid

    A suggestion

    September 10, 2017 by Fluoroantimonic Acid

    I have a suggestion

    We could use Cantor's Attic ( ) It's a great wiki, primarily about set theory but the "Parlour" section is about Googology Nobody is editing it anymore, it's been dead for years

    Right now GWiki feels more like a wiki about googological numbers C.A.'s "Parlour" could be used as a wiki solely about functions/notations, with only some significant numbers mentioned in the articles

    For example, we could have a page on Sbiis' notation with only numbers like graatagold being mentioned (for being the smallest of Sbiis' numbers greater then Graham's number)

    There would however be no reason for, say, "Bigrand Enormaquaxul" to be mentioned at all anywhere on C.A., the Googology wikia being the…

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  • Fluoroantimonic Acid

    4K posts

    April 12, 2016 by Fluoroantimonic Acid

    Looks like not a lot of people noticed, but we now have over 4000 pages on the wiki

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  • Fluoroantimonic Acid

    Look at what I found at FOM:

    1) Polynomial Shift Sequences Theorem 3 provides an e0-recursive function that >* all f_a(n) for a

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  • Fluoroantimonic Acid

    This is my C program for solving BEAF's linar arrays!

    int solve_linear_array(int array[], int size) { assert(size >= 0 && array);
    if (size == 0) { return 1; }
    /* * "what if he gives you an array smaller than what "size" says it is?" * world peace happen. (and the program crashes, of course) */
    /* {a} = a; */ if (size == 1) { return array[0]; }
    if (size == 2) { while (array[1]--) { array[0] *= array[0]; } return array[0]; }
    int i, j; for (i = 2 ; i < size && array[i] == 1 ; i++); for (j = 2 ; j < i ; j++) { array[j] = array[0]; }
    int *narray = calloc(size,…

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  • Fluoroantimonic Acid

    This is a simple program I made for calculating Hydra(n).

    Say me if you see any error!!! =D

    #include "ggy.h"
    struct hydra { int children_count; struct hydra **children; struct hydra *parent; };
    struct hydra *duplicate_hydra(struct hydra *hydra) { int i; struct hydra dup;
    dup.children_count = hydra->children_count; dup.parent = hydra->parent;
    for (i = 0 ; i < dup.children_count ; dup.children[i] = duplicate_hydra(hydra->children[i]));
    return &dup; }
    void unlink_hydra(struct hydra *hydra) { int i, j; struct hydra *parent = hydra->parent;
    if (parent->children_count == 1) { parent->children_cound = 0; parent->children = NULL; } else {…

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