Look at what I found at FOM:

1) Polynomial Shift Sequences Theorem 3 provides an e0-recursive function that >* all f_a(n) for a<e0

2) Diophantine Shift Sequences Same here, again an e0-recursive thing (see theorem 3)

3) Degenerative cloning Read Theorem 4. Cool stuff there, he even named the function himself and gives bounds

4) Another independance result for PA Because we nether have enough e0-recursive functions, Theorem 2 presents us a new one :v

5) Finite linear games // Limited memory games Hehe, an extension of Promise Games that leads to MORE functions that crush SMAh =3 See Theorems A2.2, A5.2, B2.2, B3.2, and B5.2 - they ALL leads to extremely fast-growing functions!!

EDIT: I'll search for more!! C:

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