You have a number, starting with 1, and are trying to get this number as high as possible. Each time you are the first to clear a certain threshold, you gain 1 win.

In each comment, you can roll up to 9 dice, determined by the first digit in your number. Use this source below to roll dice. Once your dice have rolled, multiply the result by the magnitude of your number. This is your new number.


Each time you are the first to pass a power of ten (10, 100, 1000, ...), you gain 1 win and your number is reset to 1. However, when you continue to play things will become easier for you. Instead of just rolling standard d6, you can roll d(6+wins). So if you have won 1 time, you roll d7. If you have won 4 times, you can roll d10.


  • 10 - Googleaarex
  • 100 -


  1. hamete virtual dice server

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