10^n Name
0 Zillion
6 Million
9 Billion
12 Trillion
15 Tetrillion
18 Pentillion
21 Hexillion
24 Heptillion
27 Octillion
30 Nonillion
33 Decillion
36 Demillion
39 Debillion
42 Detrillion
63 Becillion
66 Bemillion
93 Trecillion
123 Tetrecillion
153 Pentecillion
183 Hexecillion
213 Heptecillion
243 Octecillion
273 Nonecillion
303 Hundillion
306 Humillion
333 Hudecillion
603 Bundillion
903 Trundillion
1203 Tetrundillion
1503 Pentundillion
1803 Hexundillion
2103 Heptundillion
2403 Octundillion
2703 Nonundillion
3000 Nonunonenonillion
3003 Kilillion
3006 Kila-million
3033 Kila-decillion
3393 Kila-hundillion
6003 Bilillion
30003 Decilillion
300003 Hundilillion
3000000 Nonunonenonila-nonunonenonillion
3000003 Megillion
30000003 Decegillion
300000003 Hundegillion
3000000003 Gigillion
30000000003 Decigillion
300000000003 Hundigillion
3000000000003 Terillion
3E15+3 Petillion
3E18+3 Exillion
3E21+3 Zettillion
3E24+3 Yottillion
3E27+3 Xennillion
3E30+3 Dakillion
3E33+3 Dakilillion
3E36+3 Damegillion
3E60+3 Megakillion
3E90+3 Gigakillion
3E300+3 Hectillion
3E303+3 Hekilillion
3E330+3 Hedakillion
3E600+3 Megectillion
3E900+3 Gigectillion
3E2997+3 Xennexennaxennillion
3E3000+3 Oneillion
3E3000+6 Onea-million
3E3000+33 Onea-decillion
3E3000+303 Onea-hundillion
3E3000+3003 Onea-kilillion
3E3000+3000003 Onea-megillion
3E3000+3E30+3 Onea-dakillion
3E3000+3E300+3 Onea-hectillion
6E3000+3 Bneillion
30E3000+3 Decneillion
300E3000+3 Hundneillion
3E3003+3 Onei-kilillion
3E3030+3 Onei-dakillion
3E3300+3 Onei-hectillion
3E6000+3 Megi-oneillion
3E30000+3 Daki-oneillion
3E300000+3 Hecti-oneillion
3E3000000+3 Twoillion
3E3000000000+3 Threeillion
3E3E12+3 Fourillion
3E3E15+3 Fiveillion
3E3E18+3 Sixillion
3E3E21+3 Sevenillion
3E3E24+3 Eightillion
3E3E27+3 Nineillion
3E3E30+3 Tenillion
3E3E33+3 Teoneillion
3E3E36+3 Tetwoillion
3E3E60+3 Twoenillion
3E3E90+3 Threeenillion
3E3E300+3 Hundredillion
3E3E303+3 Hundoneillion
3E3E330+3 Hundtenillion
3E3E600+3 Twoundredillion
3E3E900+3 Threeundredillion
3E3E2997+3 Nineundnineenineillion
3E3E3000+3 (Tier 4 Coming soon.)

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