I decide to create my googology game, called "My number is bigger!"


  1. Your number must be well-defined.
  2. Your number must be computable.
  3. Your number must be finite.
  4. Your number should be easy to understand for the layman.
    1. Your complain against a number should be easy to understand for the layman.
  5. You can't use meta references and such, only actual numbers count.
  6. You can't use the highest number posted on the blog. If you add 1, it will be not valid.
  7. You must define your functions, as you want.

Currently, the highest number on this game is F_w^w(100).

Last Valid Numbers

  • Arrow(10,10,10)
  • Arrow(10,10,2^10-1)
  • Arrow(100,100,10^10)
  • Arrow(Arrow(10,10,10),Arrow(10,10,10),Arrow(10,10,10))
  • Arrow((1),(1),(1))
  • Arrow((100),(100),(100))
  • Arrow(((1)),((1)),((1)))
  • Arrow(((100)),((100)),((100)))
  • Arrow((((...(((a)))...)))) /w a+1 ()'s inside out
  • Arrow((((...(((a)))...)))) /w Arrow((((...(((a)))...))))+1 ()'s inside out /w a+1 ()'s inside out
  • Arrow((100)100)
  • Arrow((100)(100)(100)(100)(100)(100)(100)0)<(10sub>(100)(100)</sub>)
  • Arrow((100)100,100)
  • Arrow((100,100...100,100))/w 100 100's
  • Arrow((100[100]100))
  • Arrow((1[1[...[1[1[(1)]2]2]...]2]2))/w a (1)'s inside out
  • Arrow((100,100100))
  • Arrow((100,100100)(100)) = F_0(1)
  • Arrow((100,100100)(100)(100)) = F_0(2)
  • F_0(100) = Arrow((100,100100)(100)(100)...(100)(100))/w 100 (100)'s
  • F(F(...F(googolplex)...)) with a googolplex + 1 nestings
  • F_w^w(100)

All functions and notations

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