Hello all! I was just wondering something about the list of googolisms. It extends from Class 0 to Uncomputable Numbers and stops at BIGFOOT. However, I would know if it is okay if I add a new class of numbers to the list after Uncomputable Numbers: the ordinals. This list would store all the ordinals (which are a lot bigger than all the other numbers!!!). Thank you for your consideration. A list, in order, will be provided below.




Feferman-Schutte Ordinal

Ackermann Ordinal

Small Veblen Ordinal

Large Veblen Ordinal

Bachmann-Howard Ordinal

First Psi Ordinal

Takeuti-Feferman-Buchholz Ordinal

Third Psi Ordinal

Omega One Chess

Church-Kleene Ordinal

Infinite Time Turing Machine Ordinals

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