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  • I live in 19-9-14-7-1-16-15-18-5, convert these numbers to letters order! Using the Letter sequence order convert to numbers.
  • I was born on November 12
  • My occupation is Do Googology!
  • I am M
  • Jiawheinalt

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  • Jiawheinalt


    January 3, 2013 by Jiawheinalt

    Have you ever wondered how we got the dots picture? If yes, downer(read more).

    I got the picture with

    The other users might got it with other dot maker things.

    I use to posted it to the Poulter's gross.

    It display in 19x19 dots. so, i crop it to 14x14.

    Many people are lazy a$$ to wrote out the large numbers with many zeroes (except when copy and paste), or the too many zer0_oes will make our computer slow.

    I will show you one interesting web (not by me), 5 number that are written out (in the web).

    Hope you will enjoy these... But, beware, damn much zeros may jam your computers (BE CAREFUL).

    I wanted to share to you these list(not made by me), theres m…

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