• Kel47

    Exploding T notation part 3

    September 4, 2016 by Kel47

    First, Let me try to express the notation so far in Terms of the FGH.

    Going even further...

    aTb(@^^@)10@5 =
    aTb(@^^@)5T10 = >
    aTb(@^^5T10)5T10 = >
    The height of the power tower of @ is 10^^6

    First, the 10(@^^@)6 turns into 10(@^^6)6
    T7(@^^@)10(@^@^@^@^@^6)6 T7(@^^@)10(@^@^@^@^@^5)6(@^@^@^@^@^5)6(@^@^@^@^@^5)6(@^@^@^@^@^5)6(@^@^@^@^@^5)6(@^@^@^@^@^5)6 Then the last 5 turns into several copies of (@^@^@^@^@^4), which turns into several copies of (@^@^@^@^@^3), (@^@^@^@^@^2), then finally (@^@^@^@^@). Then you have to keep going down the power tower until you get 10@a@b....@z with a GIANT number of @.

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  • Kel47

    Exploding Tnotation part 2

    September 3, 2016 by Kel47

    Rules from previous blogpost: 1.Ta = 10^a, a \in Z+ The expression Ta means simply, 10 to the power of A. 2.aTb = 10^10^10^...10^b , where there are a 10s. 3.aTb@c = (c*a)Tb. 4.aTb@c...@y@z = aTb@c...@zTy 5.aTb@@c = aTb@c@c@c@c (c times) 6.aTb(@^c)d = aTb(@^c-1)d(@^c-1)d(@^c-1)d... (d times) 7.aTb(@^@)d = aTb(@^d)d (diagonalized)

    To go further:

    T1(@^@)2@3 = T1(@^@)3T2 = T1(@^3T2)3T2 This has a 10^10^10^2(googolplex) entries in the next line!

    T1(@^@)10@@2 = T1(@^@)10@2@2 = T1(@^@)10@2T2 T1(@^@)(2T2)T10

    Eventually, we can define aTb(@^@@)c as aTb(@^@)c(@^@)...c

    c terms in expression

    aTb(@^@@@)c = aTb(@^@@)c(@^@@)...c

    ... Eventually, we reach things like aTb(@^@^5)c aTb(@^@^10)c aTb(@^@^@)c = aTb(@^@^c)c We can generalized this to tetration:


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  • Kel47

    My number site

    September 3, 2016 by Kel47

    Right now my site has exploding T and my expanded illions This is my numbers site:

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  • Kel47

    Kel's Extended Illions

    August 26, 2016 by Kel47

    First, let's define an Illion function I(x) = 10^(3x+3) (short scale)

    Million = I(1) = 10^(3+3) = 10^6 Centillion = I(100) = 10^(3*100+3) = 10^303

    This system uses the standard latin based names up to a Millillion.

    Then we can do things like:

    Millionillion = I(I(1) = I(10^6) = 10^3,000,003

    In this naming system, we will have:

    Latin Prefix + Greek Prefix + "illion"

    The Latin Prefix tells us the number that goes in the innermost I function. The Greek Prefix tells us how many times to plug I into itself

    In other words, A-B-illion = I(I(I(...I(A)))..) B times

    Examples: undi-illion A = 1 B = 2 I(I(1) = 10^3,000,003

    centitri-illion A = 100 B = 3 I(I(I(100))) = I(I(10^303) I(10^(3*10^303 + 3)) ~ I(10^10^303) ~ 10^10^10^303

    quadriheptillion A = 4 B = 7 I(I(…

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  • Kel47

    Kel's Exploding T Notation

    August 19, 2016 by Kel47

    This is a new notation I came up with that's somewhat similar to Hyper E. It is called Kel's Exploding T Notation.

    The rules are:

    1. 10^^(10^^(10^^4^2)^2) > 10^^^4

    T10@10@10@100 Googolplexkel

    T10@10@10@10@10@10 Sexdenalinakel

    T10@10@10@10@10@10@10 Septendenalinakel

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