Salads? YES. SALADS. A salad basically has different functions and numbers that are jumbled up into one unique thing. For example, take BOX_M~.

In this blog post, I will try to define salad functions.

Salad Function #1

Salad Function #1 is denoted as S(x) and, in general, Salad Function #n is denoted as S_n(x).


S(n+1)=S(n)\uparrow S(n)+E100\#\uparrow\uparrow\#\#S(n)

Simple. :P

Salad Function #n


S_{m+1}(n+1)=S_{m+1}(n)\uparrow S_{m}(n)+E100\#\uparrow\uparrow\#\#S_{m}(n)</math>

Salad Function #\alpha

If \alpha is a limit ordinal,


If \alpha is a successor ordinal, treat the function as S_{m+1}(n+1).


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