• Koteitan

    Here is new SNS for talking about Googology!


    Googoldon is a twitter-like SNS in which Mathjax is available. I want to make this site global, so any languages will do in this site. Any type of discussions, ideas, questions, monologue will do. Please try it!

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  • Koteitan

    Hi, my name is koteitan. Here is a "Googol Maps", it is a poster-size map I made for you to get a picture of the Googology activities.

    Fullsize jpg :

    On this map, the time goes on from top to bottom and the bigger numbers are shown on the right side. The kinds of the notations, the number-generating system or methodologies are categolized and differently colored. The arrows indicate the evolution of each number or functions. The arrows with dashed line shows 'inspired' connections of the idea of them.

    After making this map, I was really surprised to find that there was so many variations of the large numbers, and their rapid evolutions!

    This map was made only by myself now, so that it may i…

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