Well, might as well start writing...

I've lately seen a few interesting things on the wiki, the Little Biggedon being one of them. Ultimately, I admire that we finally have yet another wiki record for the highest coined number officially present on the site; yet a matter comes to mind when reading through it.

That matter, my friends and colleagues, is something many of you may probably remember; the norminals function. The norminals, by their very design, are variables built in a way such that they will always be able to ascend beyond their old selves, and diagonalise their entire structure in a single step, every time. This does, of course raise the question "well, are 'norminals' well defined?" and the answer is, to a degree, no.

Norminals are a method, not a single function or variable; and, being never well-defined as a whole, yet always as individuals, can always, without even the slightest effort, go ahead and diagonalise above any other function, that also including the function that derives the Little Biggedon. Being never well-defined as a whole, it is thus impossible to diagonalise over all norminals as a whole.

To put it short, the norminals are the Fast-Growing-Hierarchy of uncomputable functions. I have, to a certain degree, demonstrated this fact with one of my previous posts (tried to post a link, for some reason it doesn't work; you can find it on my blog if you so desperately have to). As you can see (if you opened the link and have read at least part of my "Norminals Revisited" post), some of the most simple norminals I have coined are already capable of producing numbers far greater than BIG FOOT and its likes, simply demonstrating its overall helpfulness when sorting uncomputable functions into categories.

The obvious question

You (possibly) might be wondering where on the norminals hierarchy does the Little Biggedon's function rest, regarding that, I might get to it sometime soon and besides, assuming you've bothered to read my posts about the subject,  y o u   c a n   d o   i t   y o u r s e l f .

The other (though less so) obvious question

Am I going to write a paper about this and make it a "proper" theory? Perhaps, though I have too much on my head at the moment to do so.


Comment below, voice your opinion! I haven't got anything else to say.

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