This function is defined as \begin{Bmatrix}
x!!.....!!x\\ x\uparrow

The first 10 values are equal to the following:

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 2.6*10^{1746}
  4. 10^{10^{1.45*10^{25}}}
  5. 10^{10^{10^{1.33*10^{201}}}}
  6. 10\uparrow\uparrow4^{4.54*10^{1749}}
  7. 10\uparrow\uparrow6^{16478}
  8. 10\uparrow\uparrow7^{168192}
  9. 10\uparrow\uparrow8^{1859939}
  10. 10\uparrow\uparrow9^{22228111}

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