I was searching for a long time a place to express my talent for large number making. I found this after a month or so when I came up with the idea to search for a large number wikia. I have been fascinated by your talents for months as a fandom user. Eventually I decided finally to stop shying away and join as a user. Would you please welcome me to your community? I also have some experience in googology from you guys. I know all about salad numbers, Rayo function, FOST, and so on. Also, I have past experience defining googological functions. One that has properties that allows it to be finite, infinite and transinfinite.

Tetration Tower Notation:

RICE function:

I defined the RICE function a few weeks ago and then showed it to her, looking at it I realized that she even stole credit for it. Yeah, I don't really know why she chose that name? Probably just because she has a crush on me!😄 And since that is my Instagram name(OOPS, eh don't really care if you know my Instagram name). She is normally like that. I actually strolled around the blog space and found her other posts, and that is when I found out she also stole credit for my Tetration Tower Notation.

So anyways, thanks for taking me in here!

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