I would like to define a few non salad numbers below to start here (I know how you guys feel about salad numbers).

Basmati RICE: RICE[5](1000,100,10,10)

RICEten: RICE[10](10,10,10,10)

GoogolRICE: RICE[googol](googol,googol,googol,googol) Note: googol=10^100

RICEplex: RICE[googolplex](googolplex,googolplex,googolplex,googolplex) Note: googolplex equals 10^googol, 10^(10^100) to simplify in just simple scientific notation.

Would want to define larger but would be salad/transinfinite/hot mess. Eh what the heck.

InfiRICE: RICE[infinity](infinity,infinity,infinity,infinity) a very powerful transinfinity, just for fun. Maybe even the smallest trans transinfinity!🤔

Also. I would like to give 1 very powerful quote from myself.

"Any mathematical quantity can be expressed in an infinite number of ways, yet only one of those ways is completely simplified." -Sarthak Bansal.

Yes that is my name. I know it is real life information but no one can really harm me with that information. Also, just curious, could you consider putting those as quotes on the homepage of the wikia? I would love that, and I think they really are worthy of that. Of course if we are on the same page.

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