I was thinking about something recently, the amount of real numbers. Assuming the amount of positive integers is aleph null. Now, to avoid getting kicked out of the United States, I have to warn you that the below paragraph is the palindrome of the word MAPS (SPAM for those of you who don't know what I am talking about. No insult intended, just honesty so that you can understand the seriousness of the situation.) And below that paragraph is the start of my thought about mathematics, the real ones!

Aleph null the idea of defining infinity at a specific position (even though it isn't a specific position, but a concept of the existing but still meaningless differences between different infinities, a very useful idea indeed! Neither I nor the laws of our mathematics nor the concept of infinity itself give anything of the existing differences between aleph nulls due to the fact that they are meaningless in simplified terms(always basic infinity). Without further ado, the type Little Biggedon Tegmark BIGFOOTVERSE welcomes: Superman37891(ME)!!!!!!!!

Before you mention it, I know that these infinities are still equal to the basic infinity in the way I described above!

1: There are \(\infty\)^2 positive real numbers. Assuming there are an infinite number of real numbers between any 2 positive integers(simplified to basic infinity), and an infinite number of positive integers, and thus, an infinite amount of spaces between positive integers in the number line (🤔, actually number ray) representing all possible values for any positive real number. Now if you want to extend that to the negative real numbers, we simply get 2\(\infty\)^2 for the amount of possible non zero real numbers. However we need to extend this to 0 itself to get an exact amount of real numbers so the total amount of real numbers is 2\(\infty\)^2 +1. Again, I am aware that this can still be simplified down to the basic infinity due to the the meaningless differences between the 2 terms!

If you want to give feedback about my mathematical thought, please do so in the comments. And just so you know, I know that I used basic infinity as the same idea as aleph null.

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