\(\text{NOOP}(n)\) = largest natural number output from either some uncomputable function U, defined in n symbols or less of NOOP notation, for U(n) or n;

NOOP - No Obvious OutPut

The difficulty is to ensure as little symbols of possible exist in NOOP notation, which create the most number of meaningful expressions and fast-growing functions. Notably, if someone can construct an expression in NOOP notation equal or stronger than what the FOOT notation details, then the length of that expression, which we can call n, will be the upper bound of the point at which the NOOP function dominates the FOOT function.

i.e. \(\text{NOOP}(n) ≥ \text{FOOT}(n)\)

My first impression is that \(\text{n ≈ 1000}\) in this case, but we'll have to see.

NOOP Notation:

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