The 1st zz function is recursive function by the author Mush9. It centres on a few rules. Notice how, as it is the first iteration, it is denoted as \(zz_1\). The reason for multiple iterations is to allow for improvement, which will most likely be required.

\[zz_1(n_1, 1)=n_1\] \[zz_1(n_1,n_2)=3\underbrace{\uparrow\cdots\uparrow}_{zz_1(n_1,n_2 -1)\text{ of }\uparrow}zz_1(zz_1(\cdots),n_2 -1)\text{ where }\cdots\text{ denotes }zz_1(zz_1(\cdots),n_2 -1)\]

Examples (Unchecked):

\[zz_1(1,1) = 1\]

\[zz_1(2,2) = 27\]

\[zz_1(3,3) = 3 \underbrace{ \uparrow\cdots\uparrow }_{3 \uparrow\uparrow\uparrow 3\text{ of }\uparrow}\left(3\uparrow\uparrow\uparrow3\right)\]

Any determination of the growth rate?

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