• Nayuta Ito

    Now I'm going to extend Psi's Letter Notation to ε_0. The concept is a bit complicated (and unique), so please get ready.

    This concept is for expressing fractional values used in the notation.

    First, consider a pair of an ordinal at integer points, but it's no problem because all these FS are used in the hierarchy.

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  • Nayuta Ito

    This is a (WIP) continuous version of the Psi Levels Scale. Let n be the number(level), x be the fractional part of n and y be the fractional part of 10n. e.g. if n=3.1415..., x=0.1415... and y=0.415...

    Also, I use ψ(n) for the number corresponding to Psi Level n.

    Suggestion 1. (Psi's Letter Notation)

    10↑↑x=10^x (0

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  • Nayuta Ito


    It is an extension of chained arrow notation. Actually, arrows are not used. They all turned into arrays.

    , where there are 16 layers.

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  • Nayuta Ito

    Intuitive Arrow Notation

    October 17, 2017 by Nayuta Ito

    This notation is supposed to express Linear Omega Level intuitively, so don't expect it to go any higher.

    a[c]b is supposed to be is an array.




    Graham's number=3[4,64]3


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  • Nayuta Ito

    zootzoot prefix

    October 3, 2017 by Nayuta Ito

    As you know, zootzoot is googol!1, zootzootplex is googolplex!1, and zootzootduplex is googolduplex!1. Then, we can see the rule:

    Rule: Zootzootα is googolα!1 using hyperfactorial array notation, where α is any string while googolα is well-defined.

    The zootzootzootplex looks like the exception, but since googolzootplex is not defined, the rule is not applied to this.

    Here are some numbers:

    • zootzooti=(102^51)!1, derived from googoli.
    • zootzootij=(104^52)!1, derived from googolij.
    • zootzootiji=(106^53)!1, derived from googoliji.
    • zootzootiv=(108^54)!1, derived from googoliv.
    • zootzootv=(110^55)!1, derived from googolv.
    • zootzootex=(120^60)!1, derived from googolex.
    • zootzootbang=((10^100)!)!1, derived from googolbang.
    • zootzootding=(10^500)!1, derived from go…
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