Fish University of Googology (again!) found out that googolplex is a wangernumb.

The whole proof is too long to write on this page, so this page has only the abstract.

The proof goes like this:

  1. 2 is not a numberwang
  2. 10^n is a numberwang iff n is not a numberwang
  3. Rotate the board
  4. 10^100 is a wang (but not a numberwang) (the longest part)
  5. 10^n is a wangernumb iff n is a wang
  6. 10^10^100 is a wangernumb

Mitchell and Webb from Fish University are also trying to prove there are infinite numbers that are wangs but not numberwangs. Actually, it has been known that such number does exist, but none was known. They were the first people to find one!

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