I named this because I want this to be as big as BEAF. You may have heard "Beef or Chicken?" n times in airplane. From now on, you will have heard it n^n times in Googology.

This notation is n-dimensional because BEAF is.

Definitions of words:

Grass is a number.

Grass field is a n-dimensional array of numbers.

mDkn is "n-dimensional W cube with the length of m filled with k."

mDn is mDmn.

Note: Chicken is always read from right to left.

How to calculate:

Count steps every time. This is really important. Let step number n:

If the last is 0, remove it (just removing takes one step).

If the last is a(non-zero), remove it and place n (a-1)'s.

If the last is bracket a(k), remove a and put aDnk.


0. 3,3

1. 3,2 (take the last 3 and put a 2)

2. 3,1,1 (take the last 2 and put 2 1's)

3. 3,1,0,0,0

6. 3,1 (zero is just removed and puts nothing)

7. 3,0,0,0,0,0,0,0

14. 3

15. 215

16. 214116

1 is the same as W in grass hydra, so

around 2^20(=16*2^16). 214

around 2^20. 21312^20

That makes tetration. This example is one-dimensional, but chicken can be higher dimension.

0. 3(1)2

1. 3(1)1

2. 3(1)0,0

4. 3(1)

5. 3,3,3 (the second row is removed (nothing))

and so on.

Now, I put ordinals into bracket:

0. 2(w)2

1. 2(w)1

2. 2(w)0,0

4. 2(w)

5. 2D55

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