Today is the 6841th day from 1998/2/26, counting 1998/2/26 as the 0th day (,or d=6841.)

Yesterday, d=6840, so

K1 was 10^10^1999.735422, or 10^(5.438*10^1999).

K2 was 10^2061.

Therefore, K was 10^{5.438*10^{1999}}+10^{2061}<10^{5.438*10^{1999}}*2<10^{5.439*10^{1999}}<10^{10^{2000}}.

Today, d=6841, so

K1 is 10^10^2000.036452, or 10^(1.087*10^2000).

K2 is 2*10^2061, but it's vary small relative to K1.

Therefore, lynz got more than 10^10^2000 today.

According to Sbiis's gong and Bower's illion system, 10^10^2000 would be called googol-sexsexagintasescentigong.

(Note: If the lynz increases continuously (,or to allow decimals in d), the exact moment that the lynz got 10^10^2000 was 21:05:38 yesterday. Time zone is the same as wherever lynz was expected to be created.)

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