2014/8/17 I made my very first googologism. It was around f_{\omega^{\omega^2}}(72).

2015/6/27 I made my first non-blog page, but I mistook it with this(,which was made 7 months later).

2015/8/3 I came up with the ordinal ruler.

2015/9/6 I made the article 20,000. I'm happy to make such a small number page on this Wiki.

2015/12/20 I made the introduction to BMS, which made other BMS researcher use Δ (originally it was called P).

2016/6/24 I made the 4096th article on this Wiki. It is a class 4 number.

non-blog pages I have ever made

Gargantuultesla Centimel Decadumel Ginorgolenna Zettorial Hopetillion Treexillion

quotes and jokes made by meself

Every number wants to be called, even though almost all numbers will never be.

\epsilon_0is so bigger than \omega that \epsilon_0^{\omega} > \omega^{\epsilon_0}.

\omega^{\omega} bottles of beer on the wall, \omega^{\omega} bottles of beer, take one down in base 3, \omega^2 2+\omega 2 +2 bottles of beer on the wall.

I'm feeling as if I were in China in 2006.

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