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This is defined for an array of TIME. Each time must be multiple of 5 minutes.

You are at the last non-zero element of the array.


While the array has non-zero element,

  1. First, spend 5 minutes.
  2. Else,
    1. If the element left of you is not longer than your element, spend 5 minutes.
      1. If you are the leftmost, let the time left of you infinity. In other words, the if cannot be true when you are at the first element.
    2. Else, spend 5 minutes and put time ever spent right of you.


I am not good at English, so it will be hard to understand. I will show you an example (all the numbers have unit of minutes):

t=0. [20]

t=5. [15] //you did not spend before

t=10. [10,10] // spend 5 minutes [10] and put 10 minutes right [10,10]

t=15. [10,5,15] // 10 is not smaller than 10

t=25. [10,5,5]

t=30. [10,5,0,30]

t=60. [10,5]

t=65. [10,0,65]

t=130. [10]

t=135. [5,135]

t=265. [5,5]

t=270. [5,0,270]

t=540. [5]

t=545. [0,545]

t=1090. [0]

So it takes 18 hours 10 minutes.

number (actually time)

Thirty-days penalty number (or thirty-days penalty time) is the time you will spend if you starts with [30 days].

This is really small

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