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    The C power

    September 6, 2014 by Nordin.hammadi

    As i defined E 1>x = (1>x)^(1>x) = 1>(x>x)

    I define the C power,C of Complex Extended Own Power,as

    C 1>x = (((1>x)^(1>x))^(1>x))^(1>x)......(1>x)times (1>x) in the power tower above base number(1>)......

    From power math it can be derived that

    C 1>x = (1>x) ^E (1>x)= 1>(x>(x>x)) because

    from math we know (a^b)^c = a^(bc)

    so in the power tower of C 100 = C 1>2 we get

    100x100x100.....100times100 in the sum.....=100^100 = E 100

    and in the power tower of C 1>x we get

    (1>x)(1>x)(1>x)........(1>x)times..................= E 1>x

    and thus C 1>x = (1>x)^(E 1>x)

    and 1>x ^ ((1>x)^(1>x)) = 


    10 to the power of (x((1>(x>x)))=

    10 to the power of x>(x>x) or


    This is the mathematical proof,in the next part on this subject i will explore the patte…

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  • Nordin.hammadi

    E powers of googol

    September 6, 2014 by Nordin.hammadi

    E powers of googol are also done quite easy.

    Googol = 1>100

    E googol= E 1>100 = 1>100>100 = 1>(1>102)

    is then a googol to the power of a googol.

    A googolplex = 1>(1>100),so

    E googolplex =


    1>(1>((1>97)~100)) is

    a googolplex to the power of a googolplex.

    A googolduoplex =


    E 1>(1>(1>100)) =

    1>(1>((1>((9re97)~8~(9re2)))~(1>100))) is 

    a googolduoplex to the power of a googolduoplex.

    It's also possible to calculate powers of 10 this way;

    I call it the C power (complex extended owb power).

    C 1>1 = 10^10^10....10 tens in the power tower....^10^10

    C 1>2 = 100^........100 times 100 in the power tower..........

    The formula for 

    C 1>a can be proven to be 1>(a>(a>a))

    So this also is possible for googol,googolplex and googolduoplex and as…

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  • Nordin.hammadi

    The giggol in E powers

    September 5, 2014 by Nordin.hammadi

    The giggol is a 1 followed by a 1 followed by a 1 etc etc and repeating this proces 99 times then the sentence ends by .... followed by a 1 with 10^10 zero's zero's zero's......

    So therefore i would write it as 1>(1>(1>...99times the 1> term.....(1>10)..99braces..))

    It's more easy to show it with the decker number that is in arrow notation (10,10,2)

    is exactly


    10^......8 tens before.......^(1>10)=

    10^......7 tens before.......^(1>(1>10))=

    10^.....1 ten before........^(1>(1>(1>(1>(1>(1>(1>(1>10))))))))=

    9 times the term "(1>" and then >10 and 9 braces.

    So it also works out for the giggol in arrow notation defined as (10,100,2)

    99 times the term "(1>" and then >10 and 99 braces


    E decker  therefore is

    E 1>1>1>1>1>1>1>1>1…

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  • Nordin.hammadi

    The E power system

    September 2, 2014 by Nordin.hammadi

    E power math and advanced E powers.

    My name is Nordin Omar and i'm a mathematician and i want to introduce E power math to everybody who's interested. For a long time now i've worked on power math in a special way. In E-powers.

    What do i mean by E powers?

    E stands for extended own power. What means a number to the power of itself.

    E 3 = 3^3^3

    E 10 = 10^10...10 times10...10^10

    E a = a^a^a.....a times a....a^a^a

    Now i use a set of notations especially for a equals the powers of 10 or as i call them the "digital numbers".

    These are numbers beginning with a 1 and followed by an arbitrary amount of zero's(with the amount of

    zero's preferred also to be adigital number).

    I write a as 1>b where b stands for the number of zero's behind 1. As i call it the "p…

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