I think we should have a category for numbers that were explicitly created for the purpose of attempting to make the largest number, or were an attempt to define the largest number (whether they were successful or not).

Some of the examples:

Muryoutaisuu - Number considered the largest in old Japanese system

Ballium's Number - Joke claim of largest number

Little foot - Poor attempt at quantifying the largest record holding number

Asankhyeya - ancient Buddhist attempt to list a large number (may have been the largest number defined at that point in history)

Xkcd number - Naive attempt to trump Graham's Number and "horrify mathematicians"

Clarkkkkson - I recall on the original page where it was defined the authors mistakenly thought this was the largest number ever created

Fish Number 1 - FIsh's first attempt to create the largest number

BOX_M - Naive attempt to create largest number

Fish Number 2 - Another attempt

Fish Number 3 - See above

Bird's Number - I believe this was his attempt at the highest number

BIGG - Lawrence Hollom's attempt at the largest number

Meameamealokkapoowa Oompa - Bowers' attempt at the highest number for a long time

Loader's number - Winner of the bignum bakeoff

Fish Number 4 - Fish's first attempt using an uncomputable function

Xi(10^6 ) - Unsuccessful attempt to surpass Rayo's number

Rayo's Number - Record holder for several years

Fish Number 7 - Created to surpass Rayo's Number

BIG FOOT - Current record holder

Utter Oblivion - Attempt by Bowers to make a larger number, but not properly defined

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