Just for fun, and because I feel that every aspiring Googologist has to make at least one of these silly things.

Start with Graham's Number . Then apply the Graham Function to it - G(G(64)). Call the result N1.

Then apply the Graham Function to N1 N1 times - G(G(G(G....(N1)....))) With N1 Gs. Call the result N2.

Then, using Steinhaus-Moser Notation , take N2 inside an N2-gon, and repeat that process N2 times. Call the result N3.

Then, using BEAF Legiattic arrays, define {{LN3, N3}N3,N3&L, N3}N3,N3. Call the result N4.

Then, using the FGH , take f(the highest ITTM ordinal, the supremum of all accidentally writable ordinals)(N4). Call the result N5.

Then, using the definition of Oblivion , take the largest finite number defined using no more than N5 symbols in some K(N5) system. Call the result N6.

Then, using the definition of Utter Oblivion , define the largest finite number  that can be uniquely defined using no more than N6 symbols in some K(N6) system in some K2(N6) 2-system, etc.... in some KN6(N6) N6-system where the number N6 can be represented with one symbol (byte). Call the result N7.

Then, plug N7 into the process used to define Croutonillion, applying all of the steps N7 times. Call the result N8.

Then, using the Iota function, take I(N8), iterated N8 times. Call the result N9.

Then, imagine I keep coming up with more and more crazy steps to increase this number (proceeding along the lines of the above steps, not counting this one) and treat it like a function. Now take N(N9). Then nest that N9 times (N(N(N(N....(N9)...)))) With N9 iterations. Call the result N10.

Then take N10 +1. This is my number, which I call the Skyfoogle (which has a triple meaning - a reference to Michael Rosen's story, rhmying with 'googol', and being so large it can be said to be 'sky-high').

In case you can't tell, this isn't a serious attempt at creating a number. I just thought it was funny.

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