I want to contribute an article to the wiki, but I want to see if people here would approve of it first. It's an idea I had after recently rewatching an old cartoon I saw as a kid. I figured since we have articles like the Calvin and Hobbes definition of 'Gazillion', this could also be on the wiki.

Doug's Zillion is equal to 10^1722. This number originates from an episode of the Nickelodeon animated cartoon Doug, titled Doug's Mail Order Mania. In this episode, the title character enters a fraudulent sweepstakes which purports to offer this amount in US$ as a prize. Said number is repeatedly referred to as a "zillion" dollars.

Notably, the number is written out in full in the episode, taking up several pages of paper. Althoug it's impossible to see the whole thing at once, the size of the number can be determined by counting the number of zeros on one visible page, multiplying it by the total number of zero-filled pages, and adding the 21 zeros on the first page.

Screencap from the episode

Screencap from the episode

Screencap from the episode

This is quite possibly the largest number ever explicitly referenced in a cartoon.

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