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    August 29, 2017 by Primussupremus

    Since I have been off the wiki for exactly 2 weeks and lost track of everything I've been working on in blogs I've decided to create another large number notation called Aquarian notation.

    Aquarian notation is formed from the ground up building on from very simply steps and recursively moving on to more complicated steps.

    We start by defining what (a) equals then moving on from there.

    (a) = a.

    (a,1,b) = a+b.

    (a,2,b) = ab = a*b.

    (a,3,b) = a↑b = a^b.

    (a,H,b) = a(H-2↑'s)b.

    (a,H,b,c) = (a,H,b)Rc means (a,H,b) recursed into the H "slot" c times.

    (a,H,b,c,d) = (a,H,b,c)R(a,H,b,c)*d = recurse (a,H,b,c) into the H slot (a,H,b,c) times for d cycles where 1 cycle equal (a,H,b,c)R(a,H,b,c). suppose we called the two items we are recursing c1 and c1 respective…

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  • Primussupremus

    Last time I talked briefly about the fact that symbols produced from each subsequent vocabulary of symbols is 1 less the letter value than the letter preceding it. Now I'm going to describe a generalization of this vocabulary rule.

    For any set of length x>=3 and of the form (x,y,z,w,v,u...) , there exists a unique division of the set into the form.

    {a,(x,y,z,w,v,u...)b}R{a,(x,y,z,w,v,u...)b} such that everything in the ()'s has 1 less symbol than the combined set.

    For example: {2,(4,4,4),8} = {2,(4,4),8}R{2,(4,4)8}.

    But suppose that we want to extend beyond simple linear expressions?

    We need to define a new symbol and rule. [] [{a,(x,y,z,w,v,u...)b}] = {a,(x,y,z,w,v,u...)b} recursed into () {a,(x,y,z,w,v,u...)b} number of times.

    To give an examp…

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  • Primussupremus

    Since I have been away from this wiki for what seems like years and forgotten almost completely about my old notation I decided to start anew with a brand new notation which I call alpha array notation.

    Since I've "literally" just thought about this notation a few minutes before writing these words I won't develop a rule set until later on since I don't want to rush into things.

    First of all we need to start at the bottom and work up.

    I have decided to call this regiment the unary regiment and with it comes the unary vocabulary.

    The unary vocabulary is listed as so:

    • { } are used to hold the array in place.
    • Variables {a,b,c...z ,a,c,b,....z , b,a,c,....z, b,c,a,....z and so on) are used to represent values in which to input into the array.
    • numbers…
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  • Primussupremus

    Can someone explain explain to me how the SKI combinator calculus works because when I try to understand it is goes over my head ,I would also like to know how it can lead to functions such as Ξ function which grow uncomputably fast?

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    The name of this number is Sindadrin-x. Its value in my notation is {10:↑((ω^(ω^2))(10)}.

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