Imagine a computer that could do calculations every Planck second this means it can do many billion times more calculations than even the best supercomputers can do making it by far the best computing machine. Now lets say that you input a certain large number say a Yottaplex or a Googol followed by a Septillion plexe's this is a large number no matter how you look at. After the 1st Planck Second the Yottaplex is raised to the power of a Yottaplex or Yottaplex↑Yottaplex After the second Planck the value you get out will be equal to a Yottaplex↑↑Yottaplex. After the 3rd Planck second it will be equal to Yottaplex↑^(Yottaplex)Yottaplex or a a Yottaplex followed by a Yottaplex number of arrows then Yottaplex.

This is the Planck number the highest value the imaginary computer we mentioned can produce in 1 year. I understand that this number is absolutely massive no matter how you look at it but I would like to know just how massive it is.

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