This high value positive integer value is a very larger positive integer that is defined as follows take a Googolquadriplex and call that X. Create a tower containing containing X , X's in the Knuth up arrow notation this is X↑↑X a very larger number. We now call this number Y and say that Y is the number of arrows between the two X's this can be written as X↑(y)X where there are Y number of arrows between the X's. We take this ridiculously big number and call it A1 We then say that this is the number of arrows between the X's X↑(A1)X Creating an even larger number called A2. We continue until We get To AA1 this is the high value positive integer also called the Y or AA1 number. Too Finnish off I have some questions do you think this number is well defined and also what is an estimate to how large this number is.

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