• PsiCubed2

    Guppy regiment and Letter Notation

    (Since I'm not allowed to do this on the mainspace, I'm doing it on my blog)

    Total Numbers in this Regiment: 504

    Current Number of Entries: 129

    Ordered Size Complete: First 103 (up to 1020)

    Size Order  serial # Name Hyper-E Notation (exact) Letter Notation (LOS)
    1 (32) Googol-minutia-speck E-110

    2 (31) Googol-minutia E-100

    3 (30) Ogol-minutia E-80

    4 (29) Gogol-minutia E-50

    5 (28) Goby-minutia E-35

    6 (27) Minnow-minutia E-25

    7 (26) Guppy-minutia E-20

    8 (22) Eylash mite-speck 2E-6 0.000002
    9 (23) Dust mite-speck 5E-6 0.000005
    10 (24) Cheese mite-speck 8E-6 0.000008
    11 (25) Clover mite-speck 2E-5 0.00002
    12 (33) Eyelash mite-crumb 2E-1 0.2
    13 (34) Dust mite-crumb 5E-1 0.5
    14 (35) Cheese mite-crumb 8E-1 0.8
    15 (36) Clover mite-c…

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  • PsiCubed2

    Continuing Nayuta Ito's comparisions from here:

    Mashimo Scale Threshold Estimate Letter Notation (decimal) Letter Notation (lexical)
    1 1010 F2.0000 F2
    2 1020 F2.1143 F2-1-2
    3 1030 F2.1694 F2-1-3
    4 1040 F2.2047 F2-1-4
    5 1050 F2.2302 F2-1-5
    6 1060 F2.2500 F2-1-6
    7 1070 F2.2660 F2-1-7
    8 1080 F2.2795 F2-1-8
    9 1090 F2.2910 F2-1-9
    10 10100 F2.3010 F2-2
    11 10110 F2.3099 F2-2-11
    12 10120 F2.3179 F2-2-12
    13 10130 F2.3251 F2-2-13
    14 10140 F2.3317 F2-2-14
    15 10150 F2.3377 F2-2-15
    16 10160 F2.3432 F2-2-16
    17 10170 F2.3484 F2-2-17
    18 6.3310×10210 F2.3662 F2-2-210-63310
    19 1.480×104557 F2.5633 F2-3-4557-1480
    20 2×101,656,520 F2.7937 F2-6-1656520-2
    21 103.52042×1012 F3.0408 F3-1-12-352042
    22 104.43604×1036 F3.1942 F3-1-36-443604
    23 102.7495×10210 F3.3661 F3-2-210-27495
    24 106.430×104556 F3.5633 F3-3-4…

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  • PsiCubed2

    I propose that people who are both:

    1. Rude and inconsiderate.

    2. Never contributed anything of worth to this community.

    Will no longer be given an absurd amount of leeway for their behavior.

    Newbies should be accepted with open arms. Brats who look for a place to vent their frustrations and insecurities - should not.

    Any veteran who agrees with me, please say so below so we can stop this from getting any worse.

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  • PsiCubed2

    The original list can be found here:

    For every number on that list I'll give here:

    (1) It's name.

    (2) The number written precisely in it's "home" notation (for example, Bowerisms are written in BEAF).

    (3) The number's Universal Canonical Form (for example 1000 = E3 and 2400 ~ E3.38).

    (4) The number's Binary Canonical Form (for example 2400 = 2.4E3).

    (5) The number's expansion into a lexicographic-ordered string (for example 2400 = E3-24).

    The table currently runs up to J10 = {10,10,10}. It will be extended shortly.

    Googolism Number UCF BCF LOS
    One 1 E0 1E0 E0
    Two 2 E0.3010 2E0 E0-2
    Three 3 E0.4771 3E0 E0-3
    Four 4 E0.6021 4E0 E0-4
    Five 5 E0.6990 5E0 E0-5
    Six 6 E0.7882 6E0 E0-6
    Ten 10 E1 1.0E1 E1
    Hundred 100 E2 1…

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  • PsiCubed2

    Are you okay with the situation on the mainspace right now, where people add more and more stub articles for obscure user-made numbers? Numbers which they don't even have something to say about?

    Because this is getting ridiculous. What's even more ridiculous, is that the wiki actually rewards the people who do so with badges and points (and I'm willing to bet that some people are doing this for the sole purpose of earning these points).

    In my opinion, the mainspace has turned into a complete farce. We should have actual notability criteria for numbers, and the main criteria should be "if a bot could have created the article you just wrote, it shouldn't be there in the first place".

    So, what do you think? Post your own opinion in the comments. …

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