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Value of PEGG for March 12, 2018

Notation Approximation
UCF (Unary Canonical Form)

K7.6626261 (exact)

BCF (Binary Canonical Form) 4.599K7
LOS (Lexicographic Ordered String)


PGN (Psi's Geometric Notation) Standard [ 6 (1) 4,0,4,2 ; 355]
PGN Non-standard [ 6 (1) 4,0,4,2 ; 355]
PGN Base-9 Equivalent B(2 324 525 888.41)
FGH (Fast Growing Hierarchy)


KUA (Knuth Up-Arrows) 3↑3↑3↑3↑3↑3↑3↑↑↑↑↑6666666
GAN (Graham Array Notation) [3,6,5,7]
CCA (Conway Chain Arrows) 3→(3→6→5)→7→2
MEA (Maksudov Extended Arrows) (10↑ω)6(10↑↑↑↑)4(10↑↑)4(10↑)(8.316x10355)
LFE (Letter-Notation Full Expansion) J6H2F4E(8.316x10355)

Rough Approximations (Sense of Scale)

Notation Approximation
FGH (Fast Growing Hierarchy) fω7(5)
MEA (Maksudov Extended Arrows) (10↑ω)75
LFE (Letter-Notation Full Expansion) JJJ JJJ J5
BEAF {5,8,1,2}
Mashimo Scale (rounded down) M(57)
Psi Level 12.8