Value of PEGG for December 17, 2017 (Day 222)

Notation Approximation
UCF (Unary Canonical Form) J9.505551 (exact)
BCF (Binary Canonical Form) 4.51227J9
LOS (Lexicographic Ordered String)


PGN (Psi's Geometric Notation) [ 3,2,0,5,0,1,8,0,4 ; 171 ]
PGN Base-9 Equivalent B(139 002 727) ≈ B2(0.911)
FGH (Fast Growing Hierarchy)


KUA (Knuth Up-Arrows) (10↑9)3(10↑8)2(10↑6)5(10↑↑↑↑)(10↑↑↑)8(10↑)3(4.001x10170)
(variant) 9|38|26|5HG8E2(4.001x10170)

Rough Approximations (Sense of Scale)

Notation Approximation
KUA (Knuth Up-Arrows) 5↑105
BEAF {5,5,10}
Mashimo Scale (rounded down) M(53)
Psi Level 9.9

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