Value of PEGG for October 19, 2017 (Day 165)

Notation Approximation
UCF (Unary Canonica Form) J4.000058
BCF (Binary Canonical Form) 2.00019J4
LOS (Lexicographic Ordered String) J4*2-1-1-1-1-10-1-2-1-20-946350067356149865674-6-3-2191
PGN (Psi's Geometric Notation) [\; 1\,,0\,,0\,,0\, ; 10.12 \;]
PGN Base-9 Equivalent B(1 \times 9^3+0 \times  9^2+0 \times  9 + 0 + log\;log\;10.12) \approx B(729.002)
FGH (Fast Growing Hierarchy) {f_4}^9({f_2}(64))
KUA (Knuth Up-Arrows) (10 \uparrow \uparrow \uparrow)^{8}(10 \uparrow \uparrow)^{946\;350\;067\;356\;149\;865\;673}(10 \uparrow)^{5}2191 = G_8 F_{946\;350\;067\;356\;149\;865\;673} E_{5}2191

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