Are you okay with the situation on the mainspace right now, where people add more and more stub articles for obscure user-made numbers? Numbers which they don't even have something to say about?

Because this is getting ridiculous. What's even more ridiculous, is that the wiki actually rewards the people who do so with badges and points (and I'm willing to bet that some people are doing this for the sole purpose of earning these points).

In my opinion, the mainspace has turned into a complete farce. We should have actual notability criteria for numbers, and the main criteria should be "if a bot could have created the article you just wrote, it shouldn't be there in the first place".

So, what do you think? Post your own opinion in the comments.


A few years ago, we decided to ban "My Number is Bigger" games from the blogs. The given reason was that these games:

(1) are too brainless to be of any interest.


(2) completely drown the interesting updates and discussions on the "wiki activity' page.

It seems to me, that the current situation on the mainspace also fits these two criteria. Even if there was a valid reason to have these articles on the mainspace (and I don't think there is), why do I have to scroll down on 100 newly created stubs just to see if someone wrote an interesting new blog post? This is really really annoying.